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For many years I have kept personal journals; not diaries in the strict sense, but notebooks containing an episodic chronological recording of thoughts and feelings (my own and other people’s) emerging from my day to day reading and experiences.

From the mid 1990s onwards I have felt an increasing urge to share some of these with an outside audience and this has led me (so far) to write three books which I illustrated with my own original drawings - A Tale of Some Consequence and Truth (1997). Whisperings of Angels (2000) and The Magdalen - Forgotten Goddess (2001).

So far these have only been produced (with my husband’s help) in very limited numbers on our own computer but publishers’ responses, though not yet successful, have been sufficiently positive to encourage me in hoping that they may eventually find their way to a wider audience.

By following the links you will find more details plus some sample excerpts. Any suggestions or offers would be most welcome!


From The Magdalen - Forgotten Goddess (2001)




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