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Solo/Major Group Exhibitions 2000 –

The Other Face of the Moon - Raw Art

Villa Caruso, Lastra a Signa, Italy  5-26 March 2006

Following RAF 2005 (Raw Art Festival) in London in May 2005 I was one of the artists invited to take part in The Other Face of the Moon - Raw Art, an exhibition organised by Franco Meloni and Piers Midwinter in collaboration with Eleonora d'Andrea, Elexpo Gallery, Prato. 

Held in the Villa Caruso, spectacularly situated some 10km outside Firenze (Florence), surrounded by beautiful gardens and parkland and so named because it was once owned by the famous singer Enrico Caruso, the exhibition included works by two Australian outsider artists, Liz Parkinson (Terrigal, NSW) and myself and 11 other artists from six countries.

My contribution consisted of works on paper, a number taken from The Ancestors series (2003-2005) with the balance being representative of my earlier work.  Follow the link below to see images of all the work

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The Ancestors Series

Solo Exhibitions

A symbol emerged for me in 2002 expressing thoughts and feelings I had held for a very long time of the concept of “The Ancestors” – as all humankind and all nature, present in all of us, in our very cells and in everything that exists, and also seeing us and all nature as being present in them - this to me resonates with many of the concepts of Taoism and quantum physics.

We are very, very old - the stuff of stars and the sea - yet ever new.

It had its first visual expression in a work I contributed to the 7th International Festival d'Art Singulier in Provence and following our purchase of a cottage in Tasmania's North East in late 2002 it was reinforced by my experience of the landscape and the natural beauty I found there.

The result was a series of paintings, sculptures and assemblages - The Ancestors Series - that formed the basis of three solo exhibitions during 2004-2005: -

  • Gallery 482, Fortitude Valley, Queensland
    23 April - 12 May 2004

  • Burnie Regional Art Gallery, Burnie, Tasmania
    11 December 2004 - 23 January 2005

  • e.ScApe Gallery, St Marys, Tasmania
    17 February - 13 March 2005

Works from the series were also shown at recent Raw Arts Festivals - RAF2005 (London), RAF2006 (Valencia), RAF2007 (New York) & RAF2008 (Los Angeles) - and at CAST Members' Annual Exhibition (Hobart) 2005 and they formed a major part of my contribution to an exhibition in Italy in March 2006, The Other Face of the Moon - Raw Art.


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Journeyings (Italy - France - Spain)

Gallery 482, Fortitude Valley, Queensland
1-20 March 2002

Italy, France, Spain - the lands and their people - hold me physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am still there. Each so different and giving of themselves to my being. I gave to them (and still do) an honouring, a blessing for their beauty, fierceness and strength. Whether they know this or not does not really matter - I feel , somewhere, somehow, that there is some exchange. There is in these lands (as in Australia) elegance, simplicity, grace - and terrible strength. They are, as we are, very, very ancient and ever new.

All that the earth is, we are. Kindness, peace, love and strength are everywhere if looked for and nurtured.

In my writing and painting I speak of all this.

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  Villa Caruso - Aerial view  
  Villa Caruso - Formal garden & central colonnade  
  My participation in this event was supported through Arts Tasmania by the Minister of Arts  















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