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El Arte Singular, Zaragoza 2001

The ancient Monasterio de Veruela, near Zaragoza was the setting from 14 June to 12 August 2001 for the first major exhibition of 'outsider' art in Spain.

El Arte Singular, la vuelta a los origenes para el arte de manana (Outsider Art, Return to the origins through the art of tomorrow) was presented by the Municipality of Zaragoza and curated by Martine Soria, a Spaniard now resident in Southern France, where she has had close connections with many French 'artistes singuliers', including such notable figures as Danielle Jacqui and Raymond Reynaud.

Most of the eighty two artists represented in the exhibition live and work in France, although a number were born overseas, and there were also several artists from Spain and Switzerland. I was honoured to be the only non-European resident included.

Martine Soria had seen my work in the Roquevaire-Aubagne Festival the previous year and visited us later in Spain to ask if she could include four of those paintings in El Arte Singular.  These works were subsequently chosen for inclusion in the permanent collection of a proposed museum of 'outsider' art - to be the first of ita kind in Spain.


  • My contribution to El Arte Singular (gallery in preparation)




Monasterio de Veruela, 12th Century. Near Zaragoza, Spain.

  An art exhibition in the Monastery

View of interior.

Monasterio de Veruela.




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