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Guest Artist Program

One of our aims at Visions and Rainbows is to present to the Australian and world public self-taught and ‘outsider’ artists form Australia and elsewhere.

Some of these may have achieved recognition but, in the main, their works are not to be found within the mainstream of local art and in the current art climate are unlikely to find a place there.


Exhibitions to Date

August  2004              Ian Pyper 
December 2004         Aline Laurence Girard

Click on the links above to find out more about the artists and view more examples of their wonderful work.

Future Exhibitions

Over the coming months we plan to actively resume the guest artist program. By doing so we hope to build up an exciting profile of ‘outsider’ art in Australia, at the same time opening a new door of self-discovery and fulfilment for many young and not so young artists.

Follow the links on an exciting visual journey to meet them and explore their work.

Note: If you would like to be considered for inclusion in the Guest Artist Program visit the Get in Touch page to find out how you can register your interest.


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The Spirit Inside - Ian Pyper

Ink & Food Colourant on Paper 

H 42cm x W 29.7cm


Mixed media sculpture (2000) - Aline Laurence Girard (Avignon, France)




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