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Ian Pyper (England, 1955 -      )

In August 2004 we welcomed as our first guest artist internationally known self-taught artist from England, Ian Pyper, whose work I first saw at first hand when he was one of the artists incuded in John Maizels' specially curated section of the 7th International Festival d'Art Singulier at Roquevaire - Aubagne in 2000. 

Ian's intuitive, repeated use of distinctive and evocative totemic forms serves to create in the viewer a profoundly meditative response.  At times whimsical or ironic, at times powerful and pungent, Ian's drawings are always thought provoking and have won him a world-wide following.

Iain says of his own work as an artist …


"I was born in Liverpool in 1955. I have drawn for as long as I can remember. My current way of drawing arrived fully-formed in early 1989. Self-taught and working intuitively, my art is a form of pure meditation and spiritual contemplation.

My drawings have appeared in numerous exhibitions in Europe and the USA ; also in Raw Vision magazine and a number of small press outsider art publications in England and France. In the late 1990s, I became involved with Artability South-East on their one-to-one outreach project as a tutor and mentor, working with disabled artists. In early 1995 I moved south to Brighton in order to live close to the sea."

Ian Pyper worked as an accountant in the coal industry from 1976 to 1981 before taking up painting full-time in 1984.  His drawings have been variously described as "Paleolithique Moderne" and "Future Primitive".

For further insights into Ian Pyper and his work go to:

Raw Vision#25, "Kate Howlett-Jones looks into the spiritual diaries of Ian Pyper"


Ian's agents and representatives include:

Une Sardine Collee Au Mur, Geneva, Switzerland
Headfooters Gallery, Cleveland, USA
Joy Moos Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Third Stone Gallery, Saugatuck, USA
Outsider Art Info, Pittsburgh, USA

More examples of Ian's work may be found at :

Artesian Arts:  http://www.artesian-arts.org/ianpyper.htm

bhag.net - online magazine of visual and conceptual exchange:   http://www.bhag.net/ ('Visual Art'>'Ian Pyper')

Headfooters Gallery:  http://www.headfooters.com/artists.html

(> Ian Pyper)

Jane's Addictions:  http://www.janesaddictions.com/jadmain.htm?jadhome.htm

(> Self-Taught, Visionary & Outsider Artists > Ian Pyper)

Outsider Art Info:  http://www.outsiderart.info/ianpyper.htm

Raw Arts Link:  http://www.rawartlink.com/html/artistswork.html   (>Ian Pyper)

Visits to the above sites will also be repaid with a wealth of information about many more outsider artists.


Purchase enquiries or feedback on the exhibition may be directed direct to the artist ( pypersmail@tiscali.co.uk ) or simply contact us and we will be happy to pass them on to Ian.


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Ian Pyper (1955-   )

Photo: Klaus Schwartze


Spirit Man

Ink on Paper

H 29.7 cm x W 21 cm





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