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Tasmanian News


We believe that there are many exciting self-taught and outsider artists in this vibrant State - many unknown even to  the outsider art community in mainland Australia - and a major aim of ours when time permits will be to seek them out and introduce them to a wider public through the pages of this web site.

Meanwhile, you can help us by letting us have any information you think may be relevant about outsider artists and their work, exhibitions, publications etc.   In doing so please observe the requests on the main "What's News" web page regarding timeliness and quality of pictorial material.


Other News

See our other What's News pages for information about the latest happenings in other parts of Australia and worldwide.








Entering the Mersey - William Yaxley (1943- ). Acknowledgments - Heiser Gallery, Brisbane. Born in Melbourne - now resident in Tasmania.      





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