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This section is due for a comprehensive update  to reflect the latest available iinformation on outsider art .


Aili, Erminio (1905-1987)

  • Italian-born ‘outsider’ who created a fascinating environment in his Brisbane backyard.  Several links available via Google search.

Arts Project Australia

This is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the development of individual artistic expression of people with an intellectual disability.  It was founded in 1974 with the express purpose of exhibiting artwork in a manner that accords artists with disabilities the same dignity and respect as other artists.  The highly visible presence of the studio and gallery, as well as the profile gained through the inclusion of artists in mainstream art exhibitions and events, ensures a continuing presence in , and involvement with, the wider community.  24 High Street, Northcote, Victoria 3070.  Tel: +61-(0)3-9482 4484

Lara-Gomez, Javier (dec’d.)

Parkinson, Liz

Plaw, Leo

  • Visionary artist practising in Australia in late '90s/early 2000s now resident in Vienna


Yaxley, Bill

Originally from Queensland. Now living near Hobart in Tasmania where he and his wife Helen have a successful vineyard


Articles etc

Aspect No.35 1989 (Outsider Art in Australia)
Southwood Press ISBN 01 59-3358

This issue of Aspect was devoted entirely to this subject and contains articles about and by a number of ‘outsider’ artists of that time including Stephen and Sylvia Convey, Elizabeth (Liz) Parkinson (see website reference above), Anthony Mannix, Teddy Burgess, Gunther Deix and Phillip Heckenberg. Philip Hammial was one of the guest editors and there is a bibliography of a number of outsider art publications.

You may be lucky enough to pick up a copy second-hand. If not, your local library may be able to obtain a copy on loan.

There is a particularly interesting article (pp 78-80) on The Outsider Gallery by Rosemarie Jeffers, who was co-founder of the gallery in the late 1970s with her partner Terrence Relph.

In 1982 they were responsible for a major exhibition of Australian outsider art as part of that year’s Sydney Biennale. Unfortunately the gallery closed shortly afterwards in 1983.

Rosemarie highlights the immediacy and force of their initial encounter with outsider art which is common to so many people, even those with long experience of mainstream art.


The Australian Collection of Art Brut / Outsider Art

Philip Hammial and Anthony Mannix founded this collection in 1984. Since its inception it has curated or helped organise a number of exhibitions of various types of outsider art.

Currently it is associated with the Orange Regional Gallery in the presentation of the exhibition Fantastic and Visionary Art curated by Damian Michaels. This recently concluded a season at Ipswich and will tour a number of other regional centres in 2003 / 2004.


Access Arts

Brisbane-based organisation working to help people with a disability achieve their optimal potential through artistic activities of all kinds

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Untitled (1995) - Elizabeth Turnbull
Ink & pencil on paper
H 37.5cm x W 14cm

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