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My Artistic Journey

A personal telling.

Just before leaving for Europe with my husband and family in March 1976, I had a farewell exhibition at the Twelfth Night Theatre Gallery. A strong erotic and figurative element had appeared in my work, one form being androgynous, and a concept unknown to me at that time. The exhibition was very enthusiastically received.

It was at this time also that the rainbow began to appear in my paintings - overarching (a form of protection) and bright… happy. Since then it has appeared off an on through the years - in the throat (straight up and down), in the hands, heart, forehead. I am often asked what it stands for. For me, the rainbow is an eternal symbol of the inherent goodness and truth at the heart of every human being and of nature itself; as such it embodies a spirit of hope for the whole universe in which we live.

During our early travels in Greece and Spain the landscape, in particular the strong Spanish countryside, and the overarching sense of history that pervaded it were strong new influences and were reflected in two Spanish exhibitions.





Blue Eros

Time for Love

Works from 1976 Farewell Exhibition - Twelfth Night Theatre Gallery, Brisbane.
  Time for Love  
  Garden of Fireworks (1977)
Collection late Fernando Zobel
  Time for Love  
  Untitled (Pastel) (1977)
Collection of the Artist




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