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Visions and Rainbows

Inside the World of ‘Outsider’ Artist Elizabeth Turnbull


From my own experience I believe there are many potentially gifted artists in our Australian community who are fighting feelings of ‘aloneness’ stemming from discouragement in early life or ridicule of their artistic efforts, and who feel that neither they nor their work are valued or validated by society at large.

These artists lack any special advocacy group to speak up for them and while we ignore the rich contribution they can make our society will remain the poorer.

Perhaps ‘outsider’ art is an entirely new concept to you, perhaps you are an artist who has already sensed some lack of affinity with the mainstream, or maybe you don’t consider yourself an ‘artist’ at all.

Whatever your background, I hope you enjoy your visit and that you will take a few moments to get in touch and let me have your comments.

Elizabeth Turnbull

Untitled (2003) Acrylic on Arche paper
H 51cm x W38.5cm From "Ancestor" series.










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